Such a recording of a storm has not yet been done by anyone in the world! This film is proof that the beauty of nature is nothing to dim

Man is a spectator of the spectacle that nature is constantly playing before him.

Nothing in the world is like the power of nature. The power of the elements makes a person fragile and defenseless against the destructive power of wind, water, fire or earth. It is no wonder that in the world thousands of people risk their lives daily to capture the beauty of the most spectacular natural phenomena.

Most people are afraid of thunderstorms, so they avoid them, but not Marko Korošec. The man has been fascinated by weather, tornadoes and various weather anomalies since his childhood, so his passion is to track spectacular storms.

In addition to nature, Marko also loves photography, so he decided to combine those interests to not only to track the storms, but also to capture them. In pursuit of his unusual hobby, he is accompanied by his friend, Jonathan Wennström, who was unbelievably lucky and found a storm whose image immediately impressed Internet users.

The men-recorded a storm in South Dakota that was a super-cellular storm characterized by a rotating air current called the mesocyclone. These are the most dangerous type of storm clouds, as they are accompanied by heavy rainfall, heavy hail and gusty winds. Sometimes such storms produce tornadoes and their diameter may be about 30 kilometers.

Jonathan’s storm looks like an enchantment, but it also shocks with its size and strength. The man was fortunate enough to capture such a spectacular storm.

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