American farmers hunted a common boar, but when they cut it open, they could not believe their eyes: the animal was blue inside!

Life on the ranch can surprise you.

On the surface, a home in the countryside seems boring as there are no shopping malls, cinemas, pubs or sports facilities. Fortunately, this is only a wrong first impression, because life on the farm or ranch can provide many interesting experiences and discoveries that may even entice scientists and the whole world.

The countryside is many people’s dream, especially those who are passionate about hunting. The proximity of forests, meadows and fields creates ideal conditions for hunting that will not only provide hunter satisfaction, but can also provide an additional source of food for the whole family.

Near the town of Morgan Hill in Northern California, there is a family ranch. Its owners have been living in the countryside for years and appreciate their place of residence, especially male residents who often hunt in the surrounding groves.

The most common ranchers from Morgan Hill hunt wild boars because they go to the fields and destroy crops. In addition, hunted boar supplies meat for several weeks, so it is worth a lot.

Hunting takes place every 2-3 months and so far, they have always been peaceful, but lately something has become remarkable. The hunters shot the wild boar and wanted to frame it, but after taking off the skin they were terrified because the animal fat was blue!

Can the color of the wild boar be explained? You will find the answer on the other side. 

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