McDonald’s restaurants are terribly dirty! A former employee revealed everything. You will never look at food from there the same way!

Everyone knows that fast food is fattening and unhealthy.

We hear a lot about the warnings of the negative effects of prolonged consumption of hamburgers or fat-soaked fats. Consumers know that by ordering a meal from McDonald’s or KFC, they do not choose the best food in the world, but they are eager to get it anyway. The taste of the dishes is so tempting that it is impossible to resist them and people with an appetite eat these dishes stuffed with chemicals, fillers and various additives.

Dishes from fast food bars always look and smell very good. We think they are prepared in sterile places, and that the staff make sure the food is not contaminated. This conviction was dispelled by a Twitter user named Nick who posted a series of scary images from the kitchen of one American McDonald’s. Allegedly, the boy lives in Louisiana and is a former employee of the world-wide network. For some reason, he was fired from the job and took advantage of the opportunity to post a picture of the conditions in which he worked.

What is happening in the place where dishes are prepared is repulsive. The kitchen is dirty and neglected and the appliances look as if they have not been cleaned for years. In the worst condition was the McFlurry ice cream machine. The machine that made these mouth-watering desserts was covered with impurities that were likely get into the ice cream. Twitter users could not believe that the dirt-covered parts actually are in McDonald’s. To prove that the former employee was not lying, he also uploaded another hideous picture on the Internet.

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