Love is more than a momentary, fast heartbeat. The truth about this feeling is most clearly shown by the photos of Irina Nedyalkovej

Today’s world is strange and twisted.

True relationships and feelings, solid relationships, are neither fashionable nor comfortable. Newspapers, radio and television undervalue them, flooding us with more waves of reports of marital dramas, betrayals, divorces and other similar “stories”. We live in times when any unethical, immoral, foolish and selfish behavior can be justified. As the so-called “millennials” we can cheat, lie and change partners like gloves, according to whatever we feel like.

These relationships anticipate even their name, fashionably called benching. This term comes from the English term, bench. Putting someone in such a relationship resembles sitting on a bench. When a partner needs you to cope with a previous unsuccessful relationship, he or she will enter into a relationship with you.

He wants to have somebody to spend time with. He likes you, but you will never be anything more important to him. When someone new appears on the horizon, without a word he will send you to the bench, and will not break contact, but only weaken it.

Without an apologetic word, he will cut you out of his life, applying so-called ghosting. He will become invisible like a ghost, and will simply disappear from your life without explanation or even a goodbye. However bad or cruel, it will have an explanation. The modern-day term will give him an excuse, and you will remain forgiving and shaking.

Nowadays, there are plenty of bad, egotistical and violent behaviors. They are subordinate to Milo’s philosophy and the ubiquitous lifestyle of YOLO, which is without consequences. True love and mature feelings cannot be born because people already at the first quarrel turn away and leave. Which is why all the more we should value and take the example of people who already have the same approach to love and affection. This is exactly the feeling of a couple immortalized by Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova. The love of this couple has survived the test of time. After years, it is noble, like a diamond.

See the photos and experience the magic between them.

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