3 logic puzzles, at which children are much better than adults. The stigma is in the non-standard thinking of young children

The creativity of a child is unlimited.

Man is not born omniscient and must gradually learn life in their surrounding reality. Over the years, he learns more about the rationalities of the world, making him more responsible and independent. Maturing is a necessary and positive process, but it also has its drawbacks.

The world gradually deprives children of creativity and non-standard thinking. Consolation of learning the rules of logic, they begin to select their ideas because they feel that they do not fit in with what the adults teach.

Children’s imaginations know no boundaries, so a piece of string in the hand of an adolescent may be a very fascinating toy. This creativity is useful to little children not only during play but also in solving a variety of puzzles, especially those requiring non-standard thinking.

Although adults have far more knowledge than children, some of them do worse than an adolescent at puzzles, precisely because of the lack of elaborate imagination that does not take into account logic. If you are curious about whether you can think unintentionally, we suggest you tackle 3 puzzles that children usually solve in a flash.

Puzzle # 1: The equation for “five”.

Below is an incorrect equation and you need to change the part before the equality sign. To do this, you can only have four digits “5” already saved in action and one digit “4” and the result is set to be 555.

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