She served them for 20 years, but when she got old and no longer had strength, they simply threw her in a shelter, knowing the fate that awaited her there!

People who act this way should be severely punished and deprived of being able to have pets.

Dogs have been accompanying people since the dawn of time. They are our friends and our protectors. They have repeatedly proven themselves, dedicating their lives to a person and doing anything to please their master. They serve as guides and caretakers for people, as well as companions in the loneliness of everyday life. They do a great deal for us.

Unfortunately, not everyone deserves an animal’s fidelity and devotion. They become the victims of human cruelty, stupidity and misery. Because what else can you call neglecting an animal, beating them, making them fill the role of a toy, which when they get bored with it they throw it out like garbage.

That’s exactly what the owners of 20-year old lovely Saoma, did. You will find out more about how the owners condemned her on the next page.

Samoa is a Cocker Spaniel, who lived her entire life with with one family. But when she reached 20 years old, her owners claimed she was too old to keep and they left her at a shelter. The poor dog is almost entirely deaf and blind, which is why she was very scared when she landed in the shelter. Her old home was the only place she felt safe, she knew its smells and knew how to get around.

Her former owner said that she couldn’t handle taking care of such an old dog. Even though she knew what awaits old dogs in the shelter, she didn’t think twice about leaving her there. Thankfully, a foundation that takes care of abandoned dogs took interest in the dog. Samoa is in good hands under their wings..

A caretaker from the foundation clearly expressed their opinion about the former owner, stating that the dog would serve them, love them and do anything for them until its last dying breath. The dog would never abandon us, even if we weren’t that nice towards it. The caretaker believes that this is on the woman’s conscience, and that he wants and will take care of the old dog as long as lives.

Despite her age, Samoa has a lot of life and energy in her. She gets excited by meals, walks, and playing with toys. Of course, as much as her age allows for it, but even vets are impressed. They still believe that she will find a permanent home full of love, that won’t mind her small faults and will love her to the end.

Samoa is looking for a friendly place where she can peacefully grow old. The foundation declared that it would help in maintaining the dog and would partially cover the costs associated with treating it.

Volunteers believe that a home and place where she can peacefully look forward to the rest of her days is waiting for her. And we’re also keeping our fingers crossed!

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