They dissected cheap Chinese bands with scissors. That they saw with their own eyes will make you sick!

The Chinese can fake almost anything. They produce counterfeit clothes, shoes, electronics, cosmetics and even food. They know how to produce artificial unhealthy rice and how to give shrimp a beautiful and appetizing color.

Later, they sell their products at bargain prices, and most of these things are exported to other countries. Unaware Europeans and Americans are buying their harmful cosmetics, ceramics containing lead, clothes colored with toxic paints or garlic stuffed with chemicals.

The low prices convince people to purchase such products. Sometimes, they are up to three times cheaper than those produced in the country, so why shouldn’t you be tempted? Because they are usually very harmful. They cause allergies, irritation, poisoning and even cancer! Most people know this, but the demand for articles made in China continues to grow. Maybe it’s finally time for consumers to open their eyes and not risk their health at the expense of cheap things?

What was discovered in the Chinese erasers, made many people sick. If you’re prepared to see it, go to the next page!