10 different nose shapes. Its shape isn’t accidental. Take a look at what it says about you and your character

The appearance of individual elements of the body is an indication as to a person’s nature. Therefore, e.g. some faces immediately arouse sympathy, while others have something disturbing and sinister about them, which in turn generate no desire to get to know the person.

A very important element of the human face is the nose, because it protrudes from the face, and it’s the first element to attract the attention of onlookers. In 2013, American scientists published an article in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, which presented different types of noses. After having analyzed thousands of photographs and images, they had identified 10 of its shapes and pointed out the traits of character associated with them, which are based on the appearance of a given nose.


The visible part of the nose consists of six parts, which appearance creates the general impression which this sense organ makes, and they are:

nostrils – two holes at the end of the nose
outer layer – nostril cartilage
nasal septum – a bony wall between the nostrils
cartilage – elastic tissue near the end of the septum
bridge – forms the shape of a saddle
base – the point between the eyes

The shape of the nose is often the reason why some people are shy and don’t accept their facial appearance.


What does the appearance of the tip of the nose and nostrils signify?

The shape of the tip of the nose indicates ones general attitude towards mone. 

People with a larger nose attach great importance to planning their budget. Small or pointed tips demonstrate a lack of greater interest for money. If the nose is directed upwards, then its owner exhibits a carefree attitude towards the issue of property and assets. A nose tip pointed downwards shows that a person is wise with their assets.

The presence of an indentation at the tip of the nose indicates weak commitment.

If anyone has a visible cavity at the tip of the nose, they have a problem with commitment in what they’re doing. They often lack heart and passion for the activity at hand or work undertaken.

The size of the nostrils indicates ones spending habits.

Large nostrils characterize people who would happily spend their money, but are also generous towards others. Smaller nostrils are a symbol of greater restraint in spending money, and even greed.

The appearance of the nostrils on the outside indicates family ties.

A thick outer layer of the nostrils indicates a need to develop deep and strong relationships with other people. People with thin outer layers are more indifferent to other people and don’t depend on lasting ties with friends and family or the environment.

Tell me what type of nose you have, and I’ll tell you who you are.


10 nose shapes and character traits which can be told by its appearance

Big nose

People with big noses are ambitious and aspire to leadership. They like to work alone, are self-confident and self-sufficient. People with large noses usually make quick decisions and are seen as perfectionists, who aren’t afraid of challenges. Someone with such a nose is e.g. Jimmy Durante.

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