10 Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries, Which You Didn’t Know That Exist. Check It Out!

There are some strange and mysterious archaeological discoveries that are of considerable interest.

The researchers are not able to explain them thoroughly. They may not have sufficient knowledge and evidence. It is difficult to speculate as to the authenticity of some of them, but they cannot be considered only as a joke.

1.The discovery in the Baltic Sea

In June 2011, the Swedish divers have discovered large disc-shaped objects, settled at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It has been found that they are based on poles and have a structure similar to the stairs that lead to the dark hole. Until now, no one is able to explain how did they come from!


2.The battery from Baghdad

These small “batteries” were found by William King during excavations carried out in 1936, near Baghdad. The jugs were made of copper and iron, they constituted the equivalent of today’s batteries.


3.Crystal skulls

This are sculptures made of clear or white quartz. They are often attributed to the origin of the pre-Columbian cultures of Central America. Some attribute the skulls psychic properties, but they were not fully confirmed.