10 people who lost their life for the perfect selfie!

Unfortunately, this is real! The trend for taking pictures of yourself is making people lose their minds, wanting the best and most original selfie, and pay for it with their lives!

You might think that this is made up by opponents of this way of taking pictures. Unfortunately, young people looking for the perfect background and faces forget about the most important thing – safety! Take the stories of 10 people who paid dearly with their life for a new website photo as a warning.

1. The Russian seventeen year old Andriej was called “The Roof Conqueror”. He occupied himself with climbing up onto roofs and taking pictures there. For his last selfie, he wanted to make everyone think that he is falling of a building. Unfortunately, he really fell, the safety line didn’t hold and the boy died.



2. The Japanese tourist was so concentrated on taking a selfie that he fell down the stairs of the Taj Mahal in India.



3. The 19 year old Deleon Alonsoz Houston died when trying to upload a picture with a gun to his head on Instagram. He found it a few moments earlier and decided to use it for a gangster photo.



4. In Spain a man paid with his life for trying to take his selfie with… an infuriated bull.



5. The 21 year old Russian girl was so focused on her selfie that… she fell from a bridge!