10 principles which should be followed in life

Life seems complicated and full of the unknown. Each and every day our plans can either go our way or change abruptly. This uncertainty makes us curious with each new day. Whatever happens, you should stick to these rules, which will not only allow you to live, but also live happily.

The most complicated problem can be solved using a few simple principles of conduct. These 10 rules which we want to share will not only make you feel satisfaction in life, but you’ll also set an example for others.


1. Always show gratitude

Even when you know that someone didn’t go out of their way for you. Gratitude allows us to appreciate others and vice versa.


2. You don’t always have to be right

Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and avoid hurting someone, in order to give them a moment to understand their mistake by themselves.


3. Remember that what you do counts, not what you say

It’s easy to make promises and hand out compliments, but it’s much harder to do something for someone.