10 smart tips from Stephen King about life

Stephen King is an author of many international bestselling books, and you don’t need to be introduced him. Each book is anticipated by millions of readers, and the author is simply growing in value over time. And his fortune too;) King made no secret to his readers that he had a turbulent life. He grew up in extreme poverty and the beginnings of his life weren’t rich, especially since he started a family during college. After years of poverty, wealth came, which made King addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Currently, the writer focuses on creating. After the experiences that made his life, he has some advice, which he shares with his readers.

1. The only way to do something is by doing it. Saying to yourself “I can do it,” even if you know that you can’t.



2. The only way to win an argument with a fool is to ignore them.



3. “Never” is a word that God listens to when He wants to laugh.



4. The most beautiful words in any language are “I forgive you.”



5. Be careful for what you pray for, because you can lose what you have got now.