10 strange wedding traditions from around the world. No. 5 beats them all!

Marriage is an institution known for centuries. They involve going through various periods of bliss and periods of stress. One thing is certain, the wedding itself is a wonderful event that can’t be forgotten. It is a combination of sentimentality, emotion, happiness and a drop of alcohol.

Of course, a decent wedding can’t do without tradition, and there’s many of them all around the world. Here are some of the most interesting ones!


1. In Sweden, during the wedding when the groom moves away from the bride or vice versa, wedding guests kiss the newly-wed spouse, unless their husband or wife returns.



2. In Germany, the young couple must buy some new plates just to break them. This is to scare away evil spirits.



3. In China, when the bride follows the Tujia tradition, she has to cry for an hour everyday for a month before the wedding. After 10 days, she is joined by her mother, and after another ten, her grandmother. The wedding day also begins with crying.



4. In Irish tradition, the bride isn’t allowed to fall over while dancing with the groom or she will be kidnapped by fairies.