You have contact with these items each day but you use them in the wrong way! Have a look at their real purpose!

There are a lot of things, solutions, or objects, whose purpose – although we have contact with them every day – we really cannot determine. Their creator or designer, however, must have had a purpose. The solutions below seem logical.

Read some interesting facts for those who are curious – 10 things that you surely did not expect their destination.

1. The loop on the back of the shirt

This modest loop can be used for the suspension of the shirt. However, there is also a romantic reason for its design. When the students of American universities fell in love, they removed the loop from their shirt to show that they are taken. Their girls did not remain indebted – when in a relationship, they began to wear a scarf with the emblem of the university of the one close to their heart.


2. The cylinder on the power cord laptop

Perhaps you don’t not even notice this element of the adapter when using your laptop. And this small but very important element is called a ferrite core and has an important role. It attenuates high frequency waves from electronic circuits. Its design is very simple: a cylinder made of ferrite, which the cord is wrapped around of.