10 toxic and hazardous Chinese products! Be careful what you put in your shopping cart!

It is just unbelievable what food products are considered to be in China! Believe it or not, but a method of making rice using plastic has been discovered in China! Counterfeiting food has been brought to perfection there. Unfortunately, as it turns out, these Chinese-made products can be bought all over the world.

How cheap does food production have to be there if it pays to import Chinese food products on the other end of the world and sell them cheaper than local products. The technologies which Chinese manufacturers use, aren’t only really dangerous in the food industry, but in others as well.

Take a look at some products that should be avoided and if they are from China, thrown away ASAP!


1. Tilapia

Fish commonly farm-raised in China which are toxic and unhealthy. The fish are raised in small tanks which cause them to eat each other, and the water is more like sewage. Their meat is so unhealthy that fish farmers don’t give them to eat to their own family.



2. Cod

Another fish which is raised in very bad conditions and is unhealthy for humans.



3. Apple juice

Chinese apple juice is toxic because they use a lot of pesticides for crop protection. They are absorbed in the fruit, and we eat them! They additionally throw in a lot of sugar, it’s better to steer clear of this product.

If you want to drink a really healthy juice, preferably squeeze it yourself or choose the naturally cloudy one containing 100% fruit!