5 Unsolved Mysteries From The Past! After Reading Them, You Will Be Shivering!

We live in times where nothing surprises. However, there are certain events from the past that have never been explained. Let’s examine the case!

1.The disappearance of the ship “Mary Celeste”

This ship is one of the biggest mysteries of the sea. It sailed at the beginning of November 1872 from the port of New York, and disappeared. A month later, in the Atlantic Ocean there was found an empty unit. Its twelve-crew disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Mary Celeste was only a month at sea, the ship’s condition was very good, it had large stocks of food and water. The cargo was virtually untouched, as well as personal belongings of the crew …

Where, then are the sailors?

To this day, no one knows what really happened there! There are many amazing hypotheses. One of them says that the ship was cursed, others assume the underwater monster attacked and even UFO! The fact is that the crew had left the deck of their own free will! Maybe something scared them to death? What could it be? We do not know to this day!


 2.Murderer “Zodiac”

Zodiac was a serial killer acting in Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He murdered his victims at Lake Berryessa, San Francisco, in Benicia and Vallejo. The identity of the killer is still unknown.

From time to time he was sending a series of letters to local newspapers that contained encrypted messages. The killer wanted them to appeared on the front pages, otherwise he threatened to commit further crimes.

Each letter was signed with a crossed circle. He confessed to the murder of 37 people, he has been proven to kill just five of them.