If you ever see your cat acting this way, then you should now that it trying to tell you something very important

When it comes to expressing yourself, then cats are a lot more reserved than dogs. They aren’t very outgoing animals, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t love their owner. It turns out that it’s only slightly different than dogs.

See 10 ways a cat expresses its feelings.

1. Bringing trophies

If your four legged friend brings home a dead animal, then you should be happy. It does it because it thinks of you as a part of the family and its try to teach you how to hunt.

2. Rubbing

When your cat comes up to you and starts to rub its head against your face, then it’s a sign that your very close to it and it treating you as being at the same level. It has scent glands on its body that its marking you with. Its letting you know this way that your its friend.


3. Kneading, puncturing with its nails

A lot of surprising theories have come up that explain why cats behave this way. But one thing is certain, they don’t want to hurt you! This behavior is associated with being happy and feeling safe.


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