He have a homeless man 100 dollars. After that, he investigated what he spent the money on. He couldn’t believe what he saw!

You may have been wondering what the homeless do with the money they begged for on the streets. Josh Lina had the same question in mind. He decided to conduct a small experiment, in order to learn more. The result have completely surprised him.

He stopped a random homeless person on the street, who he gave a 100 dollars to. After that he followed him. The man went straight to the store.

After some time, he left with a big bag full of groceries and went to his friends. He started handing out what he bought. It wasn’t alcohol.

Watch how it all happened.


The man bought food products despite the fact that alcohol was also for sale. Next he shared the food with his friends, who were also in need. Josh was completely shocked with his behavior. As a reward for such great attitude, he offered another cash prize. What a noble gesture…

His actions give food for thought, and prove that not every homeless person is the same.

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