“I’m not too old to work,” says this 100-year-old seamstress! This woman is sewing dresses for poor girls in Africa

Some people are afraid of old age and that the last years of life will leave them lonely.

They fear they will run out of family and friends and will have to sit alone within four walls. In old age it is good to find some kind of hobby, of course, if health allows for it. Not every old woman will be able to do sports, knit or embroider. Some will simply run out of power.

Eva Bossenberger grew up near Detroit, Michigan. Her father worked at the Ford factory and her mother was a dressmaker. Little Eva spent many hours watching her parent on the machine nibble. She soon became fascinated by the beautiful things that came out of her hands and decided to learn the craft herself. She had been practicing for a long time before becoming a real dressmaker.

Finally, she succeeded. Eva sewed clothes for herself and for the members of her family. It was not a way to make a living, just absorbed her rest time as a hobby. The woman worked as a cashier and a cop. When she was 36, her husband died. At that time, she began to sew more and more at the Sunday school. Today she is 100 years old and still sews. She starts very early in the morning at 3-4am. She turns on the machine and creates colorful dresses for poor children.

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