11 body language secrets! These poses reveal more than words!

More than 80% of information during a conversation is passed nonverbally. And very often you don’t read the signals, which you give to another person, sometimes even unintentionally. Sometimes we reveal what our attitude is, which we would not necessarily say out loud.

We reveal some secrets of body language. By understanding these simple rules, you’ll know what someone is thinking or feeling, but who isn’t saying anything.

When on a date, if you see that she supports her head with her hand, then quickly change the subject, or she will change her partner to talk with.


It’s the same with the entire body, if someone separates themselves from you with their hands, it’s not a good sign.


Sometimes it’s hard to stop someone who is talking and you have had enough. This gesture clearly shows it.


Just one glance is enough to know whether a woman is confident in herself and her strengths, or if she’s rather shy.


This is how you know if someone doesn’t have completely clear intentions. Watch out!