11 Photos That Will Move You To Tears And Raise A Laugh!

It often happens that the photographer – professional or amateur – becomes the witness of the situations that move to tears. It is sometimes something very cheerful, unusual or amazing. However, very often these are frightening and terrifying moments, as those of 11 September. These scenes immortalized in pictures prove the power of photography and stay in our memory forever.

We have great 12 pictures for you that will certainly impress and make you laugh, maybe they will even change your attitude towards the world around for better and more kind 🙂

1. Two small children, that have never seen each other before, are cuddling.


2. Two small children are suddenly taking their hands at the airport. These toddlers have never seen each other before, their mothers also do not know each other.


3. A policeman stops his car to let the dog cross the street.


4. Paramedics give a first aid to the cat that was injured in a fire. Thanks to their efforts the rescued animal regained consciousness.