11 rooms that you would move into, even at this very moment!

Most of us live in cities, where some views see the wall of a neighboring building and a part of a square. Not many have a better landscape view, other than those living on high floors. That’s why, when we travel, if it’s to the mountains or the beach, we always want a good view from our window.

Even if we have to pay more for it. We want to wake up in a place where we can see a wide panorama of the surrounding. Some are lucky enough to live in such places, where those views are normal. Great views are also possible thanks to good window design, which emphasize the surroundings without getting in the way of admiring it. Where you lucky enough to be in a room like the ones below?

1. St. Lucia –Now that’s how you can rest away from all worries.


2. Zermatt, Switzerland – perfect for a romantic evening!


3. The Amalfi Coast, Italy – How I dream of a vacation with such views!


4. Wonderful Switzerland – I could move to this place right now.


5. New York, USA – A king’s bath.