11 sentences you have to say before it’s too late

People regret what they didn’t do more often, than what took place. Sometimes it’s risky to say what you’re thinking or we just assume that the other person knows. However, it’s a completely different feeling when someone hears us say it. We’re afraid to talk about great things, to avoid possibly being laughed at.

However, saying these sentences, especially to the people we care about is worth the risk.

So don’t be afraid to use these sentences, tell these words to the people close to you, because they’re very important in life.

1. I love you!

It’s so hard to say these words, and yet each and every one of us is waiting for them.

2. Do you need anything?

A helping hand is always welcome.

3. I need you!

It’s worth saying this to your significant other, so that they know how important they are in your life.

4. You can do it!

Motivating and making sure that someone has the courage to change their life is great.

5. You inspire me

Appreciate the people who make you a better person.

6. I have a good life

Notice that you have a good life, appreciate it and don’t look for problems.

7. I trust you!

Trust and faith in another human being is the basis of a relationship.

8. How can I help you?

A simple question, and yet it’s very supportive in difficult times.

9. I believe in you

Hearing these words is like growing wings!

10. I forgive you!

It’s important to come to accept painful acts and be able to forgive.

11. I’m sorry

These words change everything. The ability to apologize doesn’t come easily, but is necessary in life.