11 surprising uses of vinegar. Some you’ve certainly never heard about!

Vinegar is most often used in the kitchen. Thanks to its acidifying properties, it’s a great addition to sauces and soups. I think nobody can imagine pickled cucumbers, mushrooms or any other pickles without this component. It gives the dishes an intense flavor and makes them more suitable for consumption.

Vinegar has a number of other applications and can be successfully used as a cleaning agent. It disinfects well, removes stains and lime sludge from the bathroom. How else can you use it? Read about this below!


1. Rinse permed or dyed hair with vinegar

It helps to get rid of the chemical odor of the preparations used on your hair. The hair will not smell like vinegar when dry, but to be sure, you can rinse it with water.


2. Mold on clothes

Just add a little vinegar to the washing machine.

You will find other uses of vinegar, on the following pages.