11 women whose looks can shock! See the weirdest women in the world!

For centuries, poets, painters, or sculptors have been wondering what is the nature of true beauty, trying to capture it in their works. In today’s times, it’s not artist but colorful magazines that set the standards for beauty, promoting starving models, whose looks are edited by using Photoshop.

Because of this, many young women acquire a complex about their looks, since they look different from the artificial ideals. You need to remember that real beauty isn’t expressed on the surface, only in what is hidden deep inside a person. Today, we present a few amazing women, who are impossible to pass by without noticing. See what we’ve prepared!

1. Elaine Davidson

An incredibly colorful figure, who was noted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the woman with the most piercings in the world.


2.Zhang Ruifang

A largely sized horn grew on her forehead. She lives in the Linlou village and is 101 years old!


3. Jyoti Amge.

The smallest woman in the world.