11-year-old’s roller blade performance was jaw-dropping!

Roller blading seems simple, but everyone who has ever put a pair on their feet knows that you can get a few bruises, at best. The 4 small wheels attached to your feet aren’t easy to master, but once you succeed, satisfaction is guaranteed. And the more you know the more difficult stunts you try. Riding in a straight line and coming to a stop are no longer enough.

The fact that roller blades don’t only have to be used to jump on ramps, is what very young 11-year-old Sofia Bogdanova from Moscow proved, almost hypnotizing the audience with her stunts. What she did is something different, not just jumps, but a smooth dance, delicate and full of amazing moves.



The girl’s composure during the show is amazing, as she knows that she can’t afford to make any mistakes. She glides between obstacles, differently each time. At times, what she does seems impossible. Sofia doesn’t move – she flows. Her stunts are a part of a freestyle slalom skating contest. It’s amazing what she can do! See for yourself!

It’s jaw-dropping, and you can see more of her amazing feats on her profile!