12 funny pictures that show how cropping changes meaning :)

Most of us believe that what we see with our own eyes is true, that we’re intelligent enough to not be manipulated. But the reality is really different, especially when it comes to pictures. And what’s interesting, you don’t even need advanced photo editing software to deceive our eyes.

As it turns out, all you need to do is crop a picture a bit, and you’ll tell a completely different story. After a little cropping, you can change an embarrassing photo into a wonderful family photo 🙂

1. I’m so cute when I sleep with my… phone 😉


2. Vandalism? No, old school trolling 😀


3. That’s why you need to watch out on dating websites!


4. You need to be careful when sharing photos 🙂


5. A dream vacation…too bad not this year.


6. Finally able to see ancient ruins… but how can you post this on Facebook.


7. Very romantic… but not for everyone.