12 laws of Karma, which if obeyed, will change your life for the better

Religions of the Far East bring forth a lot of wisdom and philosophical reflections about human existence and its meaning to the world. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with this knowledge, especially since you can benefit from it without changing religions.

One of the basic concepts in Buddhism is Karma, which translated literally means “action.” With action come effects, the main focus of Karma, which states that everything we do in life, sooner or later, will come back to us.


To understand the dependency present between what was and will be, and to ensure that you’ll have good Karma, you should follow these 12 principles, developed centuries ago.

1. The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything people do has some form of cause and effect, and is always reflected in the universe, so you should think about the consequences of your actions. The good and the bad we do, comes back to us.


2. The Law of Creation

What surrounds us doesn’t come from nothing, but always requires someone’s participation, so people are responsible for the world around them.