12 mysterious structures and places discovered by archaeologists, which history, way of the creation and meaning no one can explain

The world is full of traces of the past. Some of them are understandable for us and conform to general facts, while others are quite surprising and undermine existing findings, raising concern about whether anyone will ever discover the truth about the life of ancient civilizations. 

Answers to questions about the past are sought, among others, by historians and archaeologists. Thanks to their work and dedication, we discover and learn about the artifacts of the past and places that were previously hidden in plain sight. Many of the findings are very mysterious structures which history and way of creation can’t be clearly explained. Typically, such findings are hardly mentioned in the press, so as not to provoke people into making up abstract or controversial theories about them.


If you’re curious about the mysteries of our past, below we present 12 archaeological findings, the existence of which is difficult to explain.

1. Unfinished obelisk in Aswan

In the Egyptian city of Aswan, a so-called “unfinished obelisk” was discovered. The structure is huge and raises a lot of controversy, because it bears the traces of the use of mechanical tools, which of course weren’t known to people in ancient times. Many people believe that this is evidence of the fact that the Egyptians had used something more than just stone hammers, e.g. extraterrestrial technology.


2. Stone Age Tunnels

They’re a network of underground corridors, the creation of which historians and archaeologists date back to the seventh century B.C. They are located in Turkey and some people think that they’re part of a system of tunnels running under all of Europe, not only in the underground city Derinkuyu. The existence of the corridors raises a lot of questions, because the precision of their construction is surprising, as is their complicated structure and unique functionality.


3. Stone spheres of Costa Rica

Hundreds of spheres made from granodiorite have been found in Costa Rica. Some have a diameter of only an inch or two, and others measure up to 10 feet. The spheres were made with great precision, and researchers still don’t know by whom, how and why they were made.

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