12 symbols in dreams that should never be ignored! Be sure to check what their presence in dreams means

Sleep is essential to human life because it is a form of regeneration, and the optimal dose is about 6-8 hours per night. Sleeping is not only a necessity but also a pleasure, e.g. due to the then occurring dreams which take us to distant and unusual worlds.

In dreams, we move to an alternate reality created by our brain. When the entire body slows down and rests, the subconscious is working very intensively, creating dreams. The pictures created by it are not accidental, but are related to the experiences that humans experience throughout the day. It’s worth knowing what our brain wants to tell us at night, especially because it’s not always good news.


Psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber talks about the importance of dreams. He reminds people that dreams should not be ignored, because they always refer to us and to the world around, so our job is to understand them. Contemplating dreams may give hints as to what to do in the awakened life.

Below is a list of 12 symbols which should never be ignored if they appear in dreams. Take a look at what they mean, but be warned, some information may get you worried.

1. Boxes

Meaning: hiding secrets and disappointments
Dreaming of boxes: a person has secrets and is carefully concealing something
Dreaming of opening boxes: an indication that a person is ready to reveal their secrets
Dreaming of an open and empty box: indicates experiencing disappointment


2. Falling

Meaning: the feeling of lack of control and anxiety
Seeing falling: indication that something in real life is getting out of control
Feeling that you’re falling: to be in a difficult situation, e.g. when making a difficult and risky decision in life
Recurring dreams about falling: represent feeling fear and an ongoing internal struggle in a person


3. Cats

Meaning: a symbol of femininity, sexuality and emotionality
Dreaming about cats: feeling strong desire and a need for sensitivity or desiring to awaken feminine traits within you
Being afraid of cats in a dream: indicates a fear of showing feelings and emotions


4. Teeth

Meaning: fear of aging, problems with health and good looks
Dreaming about teeth: indicates the strong feeling of fear of aging, leading to inevitable death
Losing a tooth / teeth falling out: a warning before the death of a loved one or serious problems
Artificial teeth: concern about one’s appearance, excessive vanity

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