12 trivially simple inventions that made millions of dollars in profit for the inventors!

There are many things in the world that are quite simple and which we now can’t live without. Most often while looking at these things we think, “why haven’t I invented it, since it’s so simple!” All of the creators of these gadgets and solutions are now fabulously rich.

It worth looking around the world and thinking creatively, who knows what will bring you millions. 🙂

1. Smile

A simple smiley face was invented in 1963 by an American, Harvey Ball, who was paid $45. Then the two brothers Bernard and Murray from Spain understood that this symbol has potential and they were able to sell their own version for … $50 million.


2. Slinky

Its inventor, Richard James, came up with the idea of this toy by accident, when he dropped a spring. Because of this he earns more than $250 million.


3. Velcro

The idea for Velcro came to George de Mestralow, when he examined the seeds of the plants under a microscope. Now his company is the largest company producing Velcro in the world and earns about $100 million a year.


4. Crazy straws

How do you convince a child to drink milk and juice instead of sodas. Serve them with crazy straws. The worldwide popularity of the straws provide its inventor with more than a great life.