12 unlucky people, who regret the decision they made a few minutes earlier. It didn’t end up too good for them!

There are days where nothing goes well and all we have are problems in the morning. We burn scrambled eggs, we do less than perfect make-up, or we’re running late for the bus. All the morning difficulties put us in a bad mood, we’re distracted, upset and just wait for something worse to happen.

We immediately assume that it’ll definitely be a bad day, which will not have anything good. And sometimes, that actually happens. We want it so much that set a stone rolling and only failures come to us. Watch some people who immediately regretted the decision they made earlier. Sometimes you should think before you do something!

1. He wanted to give the turtle sweet kisses. The animal did not like it…


2. Before you heat it up, you should pour water inside.


3. This is how showing off in front of your friends ends up