12 unsafe foods and products that people eat around the world. They risk their health and lives!

People like risk, which is manifested in different aspects of life. Some people love fast driving, extreme sports, while others prefer to indulge in the risk of gambling. It turns out differently, but it doesn’t dissuade other people from the idea of not doing this.

Sometimes people run a risk with what is on their plate. Find out which foods and various products can accelerate your leaving this world or be the cause of many health problems.

1. The great toad

It’s eaten in Namibia, as a ritual dish. It can only be eaten at just the right time and juveniles have so much toxins that if badly cooked, they stop the kidneys.


2. Ackee

Fruit from this plant from Jamaica can be eaten only when ripe, having an unripe fruit can cause poisoning and acute vomiting.


3. Sannakij

It is a Korean dish made with young octopuses. The animal is cut into pieces alive and served with sesame seeds and oil, while still moving. There have been numerous cases of choking on the tentacles of the animal, which must be chewed thoroughly and swallowed quickly.