13 horrifying images from an ultrasound. It’s really hard to believe in what’s been captured… Number 5 is a real horror!

Ultrasound images are generally used for study and tissue imaging in medicine and veterinary medicine. With the use of ultrasound images, it’s possible to achieve a very clear picture of the test subject. Ultrasound images allow future parents to see how their unborn child is developing. They can what it looks like, what sex it is, how it grows and whether it is healthy.

It turns out that not all images are pleasing to the eye. Some are reminiscent of scenes from blood-curdling horror films. See the most terrifying pictures of unborn children. Some of them could be heroes of horror films!

1. It looks like a baby alien. Frightening!


2. This “baby” is nothing like a sweet newborn…


3. I wonder what horror he could act in?


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