14-year-old asks an elderly woman to a dance. What he did with her surpasses human understanding!

Some boys, especially in their adolescence, tend to be very embarrassed. At school dances, they lean against the walls and are too shy to ask a girl to dance. They stand and watch how much fun their potential partners are having. Sometimes this is due to their shyness and sometimes because of questionable dance skills.

The teenager in the video below certainly has no such problems. Without hesitation, he comes up to an older attractive woman and asks her to a dance. Moments later, they become the center of attention and the eyes of all present are focused precisely on them. Although there are many people at the dance, you can’t miss these two!


Just look at how he’s moving! You can see that dancing is in his blood. His partner had to be in total shock, because who would have thought that a 14-year-old can feel music in such a way!

What’s the conclusion? Never turn down an inconspicuous partner, because you could miss out on e.g. becoming a YouTube star overnight (the video has already been viewed by more than 11 million internet users) :).

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