15 amazing facts about the life of Elvis Presley. Many details certainly will surprise you!

Elvis Aaron Presley, commonly known as the “King of Rock and Roll”, was one of the icons of popular culture in the twentieth century. He sold more than 600 million records around the world and has been hailed as the best artist of the fifties.

Elvis, like Marilyn Monroe, was considered a sex symbol. This contributed to the development of many rumors about him. He was credited with numerous affairs with Hollywood actresses, most of them were, of course, untrue. Read some interesting facts about his life, some of them will surprise you!


1. He was blond.

In the end of the fifties he began to dye his hair black. Apparently he did it every two weeks!



2. He had a twin brother.

The toddler died in childbirth. Elvis name is an anagram of the word LIVES.


3. Before starting his career he worked as a truck driver.