15 brave women who influenced the course of history and the fate of all women in the twentieth century. Have you ever heard of them?

The 20th century has brought great changes in terms of treatment and perception of women. Ladies have gained many new rights and opportunities to work in professions previously reserved only for men.

The situation of contemporary women, guaranteeing them a number of rights and equality with men, is perceived by us to be something normal and natural. Unfortunately, just one hundred years ago, female life was completely different, because women had limited rights and access to many goods and venues of the world. Fortunately, this situation has changed, mainly due to the brave women fighting for their freedom and overcoming stereotypes, even if others object to what they believe in.


The past century was a time of great achievements for women. Thousands of women undertook the struggle and fought for freedom for their gender: some fought at the highest levels, and others engaged in small acts of rebellion, but a joint effort was what allowed them to achieve the strong position women have in this world today. This wouldn’t be possible without the achievements of these women, and it’s their behavior that showed what a woman is capable of.

1. Kathrine Switzer – contrary to the laws in 1967, ran the whole Boston marathon

Kathrine registered on the list of participants in the marathon as KV Switzer, so that no one would recognize her gender. As she stood at the start, she was treated like an intruder, but the woman ran and finished the marathon in 4 hours and 20 minutes.


2. Jeanne Manford

Stood in defense of gay son Jeanne Manford is one of the first mothers in history who fiercely stood in defense of her homosexual son and fought for his right to freedom. The picture below was taken during Gay Pride in New York on June 25th, 1972.

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