15 examples of “something’s not right”. No 6 will make you laugh to tears!

We are resistant to small, simply trifle, fraud, but sometimes these attempts at smuggling and an imperfect world make them so obvious and bad, that we can notice them at first glance. Their creators aren’t masterminds of wrongdoing, rather it’s frequent accidents… or rather slow-witted frauds. The pictures can be used for the game – “something’s not right”.

In each of these examples, the only thing that’s left is to laugh and and “Nice try, genuis”.

1. Oops. I think I mixed up the universe.


2. Nice try at making the kids try eggplant.


3. We’re a dangerous gang. The one in glasses is new.


4. Find the clueless tourist in the picture below.


5. Unfortunately, I have bad news, you’re not a matress.