15 fake brands so bad that you won’t stop laughing all day long!

Large companies and well-known brands take care in minding their trademark brand name so much that we often pay for it. Almost everyone knows that most things are made in China and India. Of course consumers are divided into those that treat a brand name as gospel and those that rather pay less. For everyone else, there are fake imitations. And in that field, creativity knows no boundaries.

So you don’t believe that there’s nothing that can’t be imitated? Check out the photos below!

1. All resemblance to Winnie the Pooh is just a coincidence.


2. Wow! No one has ever told be before that Thomas is a transformer!


3. I don’t think that anyone will be fooled.


4. Oh Yeaaah! I bet every Apple nut is dreaming of this gadget.


5. Have we met before?