15 incredible situations that happened to models. You’ll fall over from laughing!

If you think that working as a model is nice and easy, than your terribly mistaken! It’s sweat, blood, and tears brought about by various embarrassing situations that happen on the catwalk.

Usually, the cause of painful and compromising slip-ups are shoes that are too high or creations that make moving around really awkward. Sometimes it can also be because of the lack of experience in modeling or the inability to cope with stress.

See 20 compromising slip-ups, which are hard not to laugh when looking at them.


1. She stopped the show with one trip.


2. This actually looks rather threatening. Good thing that nothing bad happened.


3.And this is how you can stomp out the end of your career.


4. “I can’t let her go, she’s all I see. She dances for me…”