15 lucky dogs that left the animal shelter and were given a new home. Take a look at how they express their emotions!

Many people dream of having a dog, some realizing that it’s not a toy, but a friend and family member for many years to come. You have to give him both a lot and very little – love, a full bowl and a warm place to sleep. Some understand these factors and decide to have a dog based on knowledge about the breed and being aware that it’s a huge responsibility.

There are people who treat having a dog as something temporary. They want a little puppy, but when it starts to grow, they get rid of it because it bites furniture, barks… in the best case scenarios the dogs are given to new owners, animal shelters or abandoned somewhere in a remote area. But even these unfortunate animals are able to find new, loving homes. Here are some photos of dogs that have just realized that they have a new home!

The dog doesn’t want to stop wagging its tail ever since we entered the house.


I won’t stop hugging you!


Finally, a good night’s sleep