6 Most Amazing Beaches In The World. No. 6 Looks Like From Another Planet! Beautiful!

When you think about going to the beach, you think of the sand. Here you will see 15 unusual beaches, which don’t have ordinary sand…

You will be amazed!

1. The beach in the cave in the Algarve, Portugal.

This incredible cave is far from the beach Benagil and was created by erosion.


2.Punaluu, black sand on the beach in Hawaii.

This beautiful beach between Pahala and Naalehu, on the Big Island of Hawaii, has black sand. The sand was made of basalt, lava flowing from a volcano into the ocean, which after reaching the ocean was cooled with water.



3.Moeraki Boulders (Dragon eggs) on Koekohe Beach, New Zealand. 

Unusual round boulders on the beach Koekohe were created nearly 58 years ago and protected in a scientific reserve.