15 most common reasons why men cheat and betray. Number 12 is really saddening!

A relationship isn’t only made up of wonderful and good days. How a couple copes with conflicts and problems shows how they really love each other. It’s a fact that people are together and that people split up. What’s important is how they approach it. If someone is stuck for some reason in a relationship with a man who betrays and cheats, it hurts and destroys the ability to trust others for life.

The most common question that is asked when we learn of the betrayal is “Why?” Where’s the fault that led the man to do so? Why did the person whom you loved, turn into an enemy? The reasons that we mention below aren’t a list of excuses for this type of behavior, but perhaps by knowing the reason, it will be easier to leave.


1. Some people are born liars

Some can tell you every lie straight in the eye and make you believe them. Others do everything behind your back. You have to watch out for both types of men. Of course there are men who are loving and good, so it’s worth carefully observing them and reacting to lies from the beginning.


2. Some guys are just players

They love the game and they’ll tell you what you want to hear, captivate you and are already looking for another woman. For them, it’s just a fun game. Men who like to surround themselves with women are not worth your time if you’re thinking about a real relationship without betrayals.


3. He must prove his manliness

Some men have a very poor definition of masculinity instilled in them. Not of care and concern for their family, but they perceive having many women, a synonym for masculinity. You can’t change their thinking process, change the guy.