15 parts of our body, which because of evolution, are useless today

Every living organism adapts to the environment in which it lives. Both its body and way of thinking changes, and these transformations are called the process of evolution, which leads to the diversification of species.

The human body had evolved over a course of thousands of years, which resulted in losing and acquiring many traits or skills i.e. we’ve learned how to walk upright. Some of our organs and their functions have increased the role they play in the functioning of the body, and others, being that they were unnecessary, began to disappear. The elimination of the parts of our bodies which aren’t necessary anymore is a very long process, that’s why there are many parts and organs in our bodies that exist, but don’t play a role anymore.


This is a list of 15 useless body parts, with which we’re still born. 

1. Wisdom teeth

They are useless, since modern-day diets don’t require people to use them to chew food. Although they are unnecessary for us, they still continue to grow, and many people, unfortunately, have to remove them surgically because they don’t fit in the jaw correctly or change the positioning of other teeth in the mouth.


2. Earlobe muscles

They allow some people to move their ears, which is a cool trick, but not a very useful skill in life.


3. Vomeronasal organ (Jacobson’s organ)

The vomeronasal organ is the organ responsible for the sense of smell in animals (a pheromone detector), but can also be found in our bodies. Scientists cannot clearly identify its role in our bodies, and therefore it’s considered an organ with its function eliminated throughout the course of evolution.

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