15 pictures that show how computers worked before fast Internet :)

It’s possible to not believe it, and you might call it a fairy tale, but not too long ago, there was a time when not everyone had Internet access! Furthermore, not every household had a computer! It sounds horrible, especially since people get used to things that are good fast :).

So, what was there to do while spending in time in front of the computer and what did it look like. Well, a computer, from the moment it was invented, is a time consuming machine. Computers worked a little bit different, but as you know, beginnings are tough 🙂

1. A game set that you could use to pass the time 😉


2. Games without an Internet connection also could take up a lot of time.


3. Before the mp3 era, pirated CD’s were burned on the computer, and what’s worse, a message could pop-up that the CD-player can’t read the CD.


4. No one threw their computer out the window when it froze for hours on end. You could always make trails from the windows.


5. The biggest dilemma a gamer could have in solitaire was choosing the cards.