15 reasons confirming the fact that if we read, we become better people!

Reading is amazing and essential to keep the brain functioning well and developing. Reading has a lot of advantages, but most people simply do not read. Thanks to books, we have the possibility to travel to different centuries, to other lands. Solve a detective’s mystery and travel around the world without leaving the room.

More proof? If you do not reach for a book, you lose a lot. Books not only improve the state of our knowledge, they also show us other worlds and make us better people! Don’t believe it? You will soon!


1. Reading relieves stress

As research shows, reading works faster and better to battle stress than listening to music. Just read six minutes to reduce stress!


2. Helps fight insomnia

Reading is an effective way to quickly fall asleep. The lights of a phone or TV are distracting while reading a book is calming. It’s well known that a rested person is a happy person.


3. Reading makes you more empathetic

When you read a book, especially fiction, your emotions concern specific characters. You’re placed in situations that you’ve never experienced, and get to know the reaction of others to these events. Thanks to this, you recognize other ways of looking at problems and it’s easier for you to understand different people.


4. Reading stimulates the brain to work

Reading any book affects our intelligence. Importantly, scientific research on the activity of the brain has shown that it changes under the influence of reading! It creates more bonds, which are responsible for our memory.

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