15 rules of good behavior, which if followed, show that you are well-mannered

Manners are timeless. The ways of greeting others and having conversations with them are changing. Now it’s easier to speak to somebody on an informal basis, even in companies where it was previously impossible. Times may be changing, but good behavior shouldn’t be forgotten. 

That’s why we’ll show you several tips on what to do to show that you know how to be well-mannered. It’s worth remembering!

1. When you visit someone on a rainy day, do not place your unfolded umbrella on the floor. Place it on the draining board or if there isn’t one handy, ask the host for help.  

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2. Whether it’s on a walk or when going shopping, a woman should always carry her purse by herself.  

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3. Do not accept guests while in your pajamas. Even if you intend to spend the whole day inside the house, put on some comfortable clothing, but don’t walk around in your pajamas. 

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