15 situations every person who’s cold all the time understands

You don’t need to be in the middle of winter to freeze to your bones. Everyone whose always cold knows something about this, but even those for whom a warm blanket and hot tea are inherent companions and best friends. Nothing can be done about it, while others put on sandals and shorts, you still love your sneakers and sweaters.

Anyone who has had such problems will agree and will be nodding significantly for the next 15 examples, because they have all of these attractions every day.

1.When winter comes, you want to become a freelancer so you can work without leaving bed.

2. When it’s winter, you bet on a warm outfit, not good looks.

3. You are in love with long, hot showers.

4. The worst thing that happens after a shower is the walk that you have to take to go to bed.

5. Your feet and hands are so cold that touching you is a freezing hazard.