15 world facts that you are clueless about! No. 12 really got me!

The world is full of weird things, odd and interesting. When you think you know it all, it turns out that new interesting things turn up, that completely change the way you look at the world. On the other hand, what kind of life would it be, if nothing surprised us and if everything was predictable.

Find out interesting tidbits from around the world, which you’ve probably never heard of!

1. Cherry Hershey’s syrup imitated blood in the famous movie scene in the shower  in “Psycho”.



2. The actor Hugh Jackam has his own flower shop franchise. All the profits are given to charitable causes.



3. Pick’s disease is an illness that makes people turn into stone – they avoid contact with other people, they turn apathetic and you can’t get in touch with them.

(Wikimedia Commons)


4. In Great Britain, 9 out of 10 public changing tables have trace amounts of cocaine on them.

(Flickr / Daniel Oines)


5. A mother’s milk has the same cannabinoids that marihuana has.

(Flickr / David D)


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