17 photos that prove that people living in the 30’s and 40’s were more hardcore than we can imagine!

We think that our grandparents or great-grandparents were born as nice elderly folk, who leave us some money in our pockets after we visit them. But of course, it isn’t like this! The generation of the old days were raised in totally different conditions. Back then, a cold could kill you, and having lights or heating in the house wasn’t a standard.

See 17 examples that show why the older generation didn’t have an easy, but completely different life!

1. Women didn’t even dream of laundry machines. They did the laundry by hand, of course you had to bring the water first and then heat it up.

2. People knew how to dance in pairs. Various arrangements and dances had to be learned if you wanted to make an impression on a girl.


3. People had to prepare for winter. You had to bring lumber in from the woods and cut them by hand with handsaws.


4. Teamwork didn’t mean corporate meetings, but taking up arms, for instance.

5. People relaxed sitting in the woods and bewildering nature. They didn’t need any gadgets.